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Being A tourist: Tricksy.



In Seoul, Hongdae to be exact, there’s a museum called The Trick Eye museum. It’s basically a series of rooms with images painted on the walls. The images range from iconic paintings, to fantasy situations. The idea is that you slip yourself into the image, and become apart of it. Acting plays a role, the more in tune you are to the scene the better the effect. 

It was a rainy Sunday afternoon. We had stayed in a grubby hostel the night before, and were feeling a little gross. We had time to kill before our bus ride back to Chungju, so after buying all that we could carry, we decided to make a stop at the museum to see what all the fuss was about. I honestly thought, feeling how I did that day, I’d just casually walk through and enjoy everyone’s attempts, however, as soon as we turned the corner into the first room, I felt this urge to get involved.


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